Nutrition Style with Evidence

Nutrition advice is all over the place! So it’s always a good idea to check science for truth! Here are some tips that are backed by science! Good sound scientific data is what you want to look for when searching for nutrition and health tips.

1. Don’t drink sugary beverages

  • Fruit juices are just as bad because they contain just as much sugar! Even though they are made from fruit and contain some antioxidant benefits, the amount of sugar trumps the healthy aspect! Here’s an article from The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

2. Eat nuts

  • Even though nuts are high in fat, they contain lots of healthy fats and loaded with minerals such as magnesium, vitamin E and fiber. Studies show that nuts can help you lose weight and may help fight type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Check out these articles on losing weight, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

3. Limit or avoid processed foods

  • Processed foods are loaded with sugar and refined grains. Many processed foods are created to trick your brain to make you want it more… addiction. They are low in fiber, protein and vitamins/minerals. Not healthy whatsoever for you! Check out this study!

4. Get enough sleep

  • I can’t say this enough… You need to get plenty of sleep for your body to perform the way it should. Poor sleep can have an effect on your insulin, hormones and mentality! It is one of the strongest individual risk factors for future weight gain and obesity. Here’s scientific proof!

5. Drink water, especially before meals

  • Water helps boost the amount of calories you burn. Did you know that? There’s studies that prove it. Check this one out! Journal of Clinical Endocrinol Metabolism
  • There are studies that even tested when the best time to drink water. Drink water half and hour before meals. This will help increase your weight loss!

There’s more tips out there and I will continue to locate the science and post them here! Keep a lookout for more to come!!