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I hope you are ready to shed some pounds and learn some great information along the way!

Using the Scale

Ideally, you will use a digital scale. If you need to use a different scale, please make sure it has been calibrated recently. Please use the same scale for each weigh-in because different scales tend to weigh differently.

The day before your weigh-in is due, I will send you the word of the day so you would have it for the following morning’s weigh-in. This word will be different each week.

Here are some examples of what should be submitted:

Tips for weighing

  • Weigh yourself the first thing in the morning.
  • Use the restroom and remove clothes. This gives us the most accurate weight. It is considered your “dry” weight. By doing this first thing in the morning, your body has had time to burn calories while you were sleeping. Digestion still takes place while you are sleeping, so you are burning calories. If you weigh later in the day with a full stomach, you will find that your weight is higher.
  • Make sure you write the correct word for the day on a piece of paper and have it placed on the scale or above the numbers as pictured above.
  • You will text the picture of the scale with your feet and word of the day to the text that you receive on Thursday.
  • Weights should be submitted by Friday at 2 pm.

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