Yogurt Benefits

Yogurt has many health benefits.  One serving of yogurt everyday provides calcium, vitamin D and protein.  With these nutrients together, they help promote muscle and bone strength.  Greek yogurt has the most protein, so try and stick with a plain low fat or non-fat Greek yogurt.  Frequent yogurt consumption is also good for your heart! Studies have shown increased yogurt consumption improves levels of systolic blood pressure.

Ways to use yogurt in your diet:

  • Use yogurt in place of mayo when making chicken, tuna or potato salads – you will be amazed!! No one will be able to tell the difference!
  • Use yogurt in place of heavy cream or sour cream when making sauces.
  • Create dressings, marinades or even dips using yogurt!

When choosing a yogurt, there’s some things to consider.

  • Many yogurts contain added sweeteners, so make sure you read the label!  Choose a low fat, or even a non-fat yogurt.  However, the non-fat will be a bit more tart than regular or low fat.  Low fat may be a good balance between saturated fat and taste…
  • Choose a plain yogurt with moderate-high protein.  It’s a good source of lean protein so it promotes muscle health!  This is a great way to cut out some calories, but with the higher protein, you will stay full longer!
  • Greek yogurt has less moisture, but higher in protein! By starting your day with higher protein for breakfast, this will help you feel full and satisfied longer!

One of my favorite ways to eat my Greek yogurt! Get the Wonder Whip recipe here!