How to fit cookies into a healthy lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but I love a good chocolate chip cookie. I grew up in a household where my mom baked cookies for special occasions. We have a rather large family so there seems to be a special occasion monthly! My mom is known as the “cookie lady” for sure! Her chocolate chip cookies will sell at fundraiser auctions for $100+. It seems like everyone loves her cookies!

I tried to make cookies before, but for some reason, they never turn out like hers! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I tried for years to make them and then finally gave up! But that doesn’t keep me from eating one (or maybe 3 or 4)!

Many people think that if you are healthy, you can’t eat those “forbidden” foods like cookies. I don’t like to think of any food being “forbidden” or “bad for you”. If you follow a healthy diet the majority of the time, it’s okay to have a treat that you enjoy. This is the key! If you just randomly scarf down 4 cookies without even really tasting it, did you enjoy it? Was it satisfying? Do you want more because you mindlessly ate them?

I’m here to tell you, that you can absolutely have your favorite cookie and still lead a healthy lifestyle!

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your treat (cookie)!

  1. Drink your water! It’s a great idea to drink at least 16 ounces of water before taking that first bite!

2. Take a bite and think about the texture, the taste, the feel of it in your mouth. Swallow before taking the next bite. This helps your brain to get the signal that you are truly enjoying this “treat” and that you want to savor every bite of it!

3. Limit the temptation. Now, if it’s something that you have a hard time not finishing off the cookies, you can put the cookies in the freezer for a later time. By having them in the freezer, they are out of sight. By keeping them out of sight, they are out of mind. Only pull them out when you are not distracted and you are filled up on water so you are better able to enjoy the cookies.

Healthier versions

Now, if you want healthier versions of cookies that you will feel good about eating. You can try these awesome cookie dough bites! They are full of fiber and protein so you will definitely feel full and satisfied after a couple of these!

You can also make these Oatmeal Breakfast Bars in place of the regular cookies. They are also loaded with fiber, protein and lots of healthy fats!

Bottom Line

You can still enjoy cookies (or other treats) as part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s just being mindful about your portions and actually enjoying the treat.

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