Is it time for resolutions?

I am all for bringing in the New Year, especially after the year we have had! I am SO ready to give 2020 the boot, that’s for sure! This new year brings a lot of reflections and means a time to start fresh. I’m not saying to make some New Year Resolutions. I’m saying that it is time to clear your mindset and start fresh. It’s time to set new intentions for the year!

Let me tell you, resolutions can be stressful. They can be unrealistic, unsustainable, and don’t last long. By setting intentions, you have a low-stress alternative that focuses on being more mindful and present in more ways than one. So how can setting intentions help you meet your health and wellness goals this year? When you are being intentional you focus on what you are doing, why you are doing it, and who you want to be.

These three things require you to not only be present, but to require you to check-in with yourself daily, weekly, or even more often to see how you are meeting your goals. This shift in mindset focuses on how you feel throughout the process, ultimately giving you a strong connection between mind and body. It’s called being mindful. No stress here!

When you create a resolution, it is an all or nothing mindset. You’re either going to successfully meet your goal by the set end date or you fail. Talk about stress! Intentions on the other hand are set to roll with life. If you have a bad day or even a bad week, it is okay as long as you are mindful and continue to act on the intentions you set. Don’t look at it as “I failed so I might as well give up!” Look at it as, “I have a little setback, but I will rise up and start again!”

With that being said, I have some exciting things planned for 2021, so get ready! Lots of great nutrition information coming your way and lots of opportunities to grow and challenge yourself. If you would like to join the group where we will have weekly challenges and you will get lots of great nutrition information and recipes, please join me here!

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