4 things you can do to prevent overeating

Let’s face it, food brings joy. With all the family gatherings and special Christmas traditions, there’s no doubt that food will be involved. There may be times you overeat because the food is there. Overeating can cause discomfort and not be very comfortable at all!

Overeating can happen at other times through out the year as well. Stress, fatigue, sadness all can lead to overeating. You find yourself eating “just because” instead of eating to nourish your body to feel full and satisfied. This becomes a vicious cycle if you let it. Why not break that cycle with some easy ways to work healthy habits into your lifestyle?

Tips to not overeat

  1. Make sure you eat a proper meal first thing in the morning. Don’t skip breakfast! If you skip, it makes you prone to overeating later on when you see food later on. Focus on filling up on protein, a healthy carb (with lots of fiber), and some veggies first thing in the morning. This will set you up to make healthier choices throughout the day. Try this wonderful veggie omelet and pair it with some fruit or a slice of toast.

2. Drink water! Water is such a vital part of healthy bodies. Often times we confuse thirst for hunger. How many times do you reach for a snack before you grab a glass of water? I find that when I drink water throughout the day, I tend to not be so hungry all the time. If I don’t drink my water, I reach for the not so healthy food that doesn’t nourish my body! To read more about water and proper hydration, check out my blog post here. Try and drink water before any meal to help you eat fewer calories and will help prevent you from overeating.

3. Focus on eating more of the right things instead of eating less. Your body needs nutrients so it’s important to give it high-quality food that will give you fullness and leave you feeling satisfied. If you are trying to fill up on cookies or chips, you will likely overeat and never feel satisfied. They don’t have the nutrition your body craves. Fill up on water, fiber, and protein. By choosing the right foods, you will feel comfortable instead of uncomfortable later.

4. Steer away from foods that have no end… When you eat food like crackers, chips, popcorn, pretzels, or nuts, there seems to be no end in sight. This will lead you to overdo it for sure! Often, you don’t realize how many you just ate or you don’t even realize you had been eating them! They certainly won’t get you to feel full and satisfied, so it’s best to avoid these. Instead try healthy snacks like an apple, a boiled egg, or Greek yogurt!

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