How to not be spooked with Halloween treats

Halloween brings all kinds of festivals and chances to experience a sugar rush! By being prepared for all the extra candy and food, you can maintain your health goals. Keep in mind, it’s one day out of the year. Give yourself permission to enjoy the day and then move on when November 1st arrives. With that being said, you will need to have a plan leading up to this day and the day after.

Tips for the big day

  • Fill up first. Make sure you eat healthy, filling meals, and drink plenty of water. You don’t want to be at a festival or trick-or-treating and be hungry! This will open the door for temptation!
  • Make a goal. It’s a good idea to have a plan for trick-or-treating or festival fun. Plan on how many houses you will visit or how long you will stay at the festival.
  • Don’t have a huge bag or basket for the kids to put their treats in while trick or treating. Keep it small. If you use a large one, then it won’t look like there’s much in the bag and the kids will want to keep going. By having a smaller bag, it will get full faster and you will not come home with a lot of treats that will tempt them and yourself!
  • Going to a party? Bring a healthy side to share with others! Veggie trays and healthy dips are always welcome at any party! Try a new recipe that includes lots of veggies to let others try your new food! You could also make this Brownie Batter Dip and serve with apple slices or strawberries!

To find more recipes like this, check out my meal plans. I’m sure we have a meal plan that will inspire you in the kitchen that will keep you from being spooked!

Healthier treats when handing them out

If you like when the kids come to your door so you can see all the cute and spooky costumes, you will want to have a treat to give them. It doesn’t have to be candy. If it is candy, try and limit how many you hand out to each trick-or-treater. However, there are some other great options to consider handing out, whether it’s food or a toy of some kind. Here are some things you can hand out.

  • Cuties or small oranges. These are perfect for little hands and they are so sweet and delicious. They can be considered healthy candy!
  • Mini boxes of raisins or craisins. Portion control at it’s best. Another sweet fruit that’s dried that can be considered candy!
  • Mini granola bars, trail mix bags – these are a perfect snack!
  • Small water bottles are always a hit while trick-or-treating! Someone is bound to get thirsty while they are out and about!
  • Individual bags of baby carrots are a perfect portion for anyone with the munchies!
  • Snack-size bags of pretzels, sunflower seeds, or crackers are some great items to hand out as well!
  • Non-food items such as spider rings, slap bracelets, bubbles, stickers, or mini-notebooks are always a great treat!

I hope this inspires you as you prepare for the big day. You can look forward to this day and not be spooked that you will fall off the rails and plummet with your weight loss efforts. If it doesn’t go exactly as you planned, it’s okay. Just remember, tomorrow is a new day and you can always get back on track!

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