Healthy Holiday Traditions you Need to Start

The holidays are considered the most wonderful time of year. Lots of get-togethers or parties, lots of food and probably lots of drinks. It’s definitely not the healthiest time of year. We often find ourselves indulging in pies, cakes, and eggnog. It often involves a lot of time sitting and visiting or binge-watching all of your favorite holiday movies!

There are some things you can start NOW to help you and your family have a healthy holiday season. Whether it be some outdoor fun, finding a healthy menu item, or trying a new holiday drink, you can always find a way to incorporate your new healthy lifestyle in to the holidays!

Fitness Tradition anyone?

Just because it may be cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t work in some exercise! There are lots of Fun Runs going on, so why not find one in your area? They usually have something for all ages! No fun run in your future? Why not just enjoy a stroll outside with family after Christmas dinner? It’s a great way to get your heart pumping and spending time outdoors with those you love.

Try a New Healthy Recipe for a New Tradition

Sure, we all love our favorites like green bean casserole, potato salad, and creamy corn casserole. But why not bring a salad to your next holiday event? There are some great festive ones that you can try like this Caramelized Carrot recipe!

Bake healthier treats to share with your family and friends. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, trying healthy recipes can be fun while you are expanding your baking experience.

Here are a couple of great sweet treats you can try! They make great gifts as well!

Bottom Line:

You can still enjoy your favorites during the holidays, you will just want to be mindful about it. Find new traditions that incorporate fitness and healthy eating. It won’t feel like you are on a diet during the holidays. You are just making healthy choices that affect you and your family’s lifestyle!

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